Glass and steel meet on the dance floor armed with the ability to perform to any and every song the DJ chooses to play. Versatile and dynamic, Solaris by Crystorama is the belle of the ball that has everyone else stopping and staring. Whether the dance floor is inside or outside, it will shine. If it is a formal setting or simply casual, it is dressed and ready for either occasion. Want to see it in person? Come on it to our showroom! We have several of these styles on display!



Solaris, whether adorned with crystal or focused on the metal rings, it is not a gender-specific piece and works well with a great variety of design styles, even in opposites such as coastal (as seen above) and industrial (used in the product description). We love that there are so many design selections within this one family. The ability to choose whether we want crystals (and how many of them) or simple glass drops and the amount of metal rings orbiting the chandelier make this family both versatile and alike. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have the ability to select from two different finishes and three grades of crystal. This belle of the ball, from our dance analogy above, has us applauding loud and proud and we know it will remain on the dance floor all night long!



The 9028 Solaris (left) and 9219 Solaris (right) are equipped with 6 lights and tell their story with elegant crystals, metal rings, and tasteful grandeur. Both fixtures are available in English Bronze or Olde Silver and have three different crystal options: Clear Hand Cut, Clear Swarovski Strass, and Clear Spectra. Click here to learn more about these fine crystal grades.




The 9224 Solaris with 5 lights (right) and 9228 Solaris with 6 lights (right) are also available in English Bronze and Olde Silver but focus their design on the out-of-this-world orbit of metal rings. Though crystal is not the focus for these pieces, there are several small and one large crystal glass drops that signify the graceful elegance of Crystorma.