What a year 2017 has been, especially, in the world of cinema! The blockbuster hits that thrilled audiences worldwide are sure to inspire and dazzle us for many more years to come. We selected five top-grossing films from this year and chose lighting fixtures that we believe represent these films’ outstanding creativity, vivid storytelling, incredible characters, iconic symbols, inspiring quotes, and lessons we learned!

Our five picks are: Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Each of these film selections have been in our lives for at least ten years (and some for well over fifty years!) so we expanded our fixture selections to their overall history including their quotes, symbols, colors, locations, and themes. Check out the full list of the highest-grossing films of 2017 here and join us below as we honor the timeless treasures these stories and characters have become in our hearts and homes.



According to a review from Forbes, “The Force was with Star Wars yet again, as The Last Jedi snagged an obscene $220 million domestic debut. That’s the second-biggest opening weekend on record, behind only the $247.9m Fri-Sun launch of The Force Awakens on this weekend back in 2015.” With the incredible success and popularity of the Star Wars franchise for the last 40 years, we are hopeful that we will continue adventuring with our favorite heroes and villains for another 40 years!


LBL has named this contemporary masterpiece, Batons, but we can’t help but see the poetry and power of the famous light saber when we marvel at this piece. Can you hear the “Kwishuuuuuuuuuu!” of the light saber swinging forcefully through the sky? (How would you spell out the sound the light saber makes? We had to call in some help! Check that out here.)



Light speeeeeed!!!!!!” In the famous getaway scenes where our brave heroes blast away at the speed of light, the shapes of stars turn into thin, bright lines. We feel the child within us dreaming of jumping in a star ship to travel at the speed of light as we appreciate Cityscapes by Hubbardon Forge.



Standing tall and sophisticated, Champagne Wands by Sonneman inspires us to think of the fellowship of the Jedi. Though there are many times the Jedi must fight and stand alone, we know the power of unity in their beliefs and convictions, whether together or apart, is what makes the Jedi such a triumphant group of heroes.


Gotham by Sonneman is a fixture that could easily also go with Batman (of course!), but with the dramatic electricity of the vintage filament bulbs beneath textured, black, iron mesh, we are reminded of the “The Dark Side” of the Force. Although this fixture bears no ill will or villainous intents, it adds a plot twist to the charm of the room by introducing a vivid industrial design, providing rich contrast, and becoming a powerful statement piece.


May the Force be with you!” Iridescent glass showcasing all the colors of the rainbow in Lillia by Sonneman represents the ever-present and never-fading power of the Force that the Jedi live their lives of service and strength by. Color is visible light, and the presence of all the colors in this glass, represents how the Force, just like light, is all around and always with them. The vintage filament bulb represents the Force being within the hearts and minds of the Jedi which makes them the heroes we all know and love.



According to Vanity Fair, the live-action release of Beauty and the Beast was a “deeply valuable gamble.” However, in less than a week from its release, it “managed to earn more than the original 1991 animated film ever did in theaters—not only during its initial release, but also after its IMAX and 3-D rereleases in 2002 and 2012.” Disney’s live-action renditions of their animated classics have been brilliant thus far and Beauty and the Beast is no exception. We cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next!


Take us away to the Enchanted Castle (after the spell is broken, of course!). Eastnor by Cyan Design is an impressive 64″ tall (over five feet!) and is worthy of a home belonging to a prince or princess. We cannot imagine a more grand, enchanting, and romantic way to make the home feel like a magical castle. Place your favorite LED candles on a timer and set them on these rustic, elegant holders and make your two-story tall great-room feel like a royal retreat.


Be our guest; be our guest! Put our service to the test!” Inspired by Lumiere and the beloved song, “Be Our Guest,” this 10 Light Table Lamp by Trans Globe would make an excellent buffet table or entryway table centerpiece. While providing ambient and functional light, just like Lumiere, the character and craftsmanship tell a romantic story…. a tale as old as time.


In our opinion, one of the most beautiful moments in cinema history was when we first witnessed Belle and the Beast dancing in the grand ballroom of the castle to Angela Lansbury’s “Beauty and the Beast.” The overwhelming beauty of the chandeliers, paintings, and details of the ballroom shared significant screen-time with the dancers and added romance of their unfolding love story. Novella by Crystorama takes us away to that romantic ballroom and has us singing along “tale as old as time… song as old as rhyme… Beauty and the Beast.”


When the enchantress offers the rose to the prince in exchange for shelter for the night, she warns him: “Do not be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found from within.” When we gaze at our reflections in this Antique Wall Mirror by Elegant Lighting, we take heed to her warning and remind ourselves that come blemish, wrinkle, or beauty, our real beauty is found within and we can smile at the reflection smiling back at us.


The Enchanted Rose and elegance of the stained glass in the castle are embodied in this 2 Bulb Table Lamp by Dale Tiffany. The two bright red roses in the center tell the story of Belle and the Prince learning to love one another and all the roses on the sides tell the story of how their love broke the spell and united their families, servants, and community together again.



You cannot save the world alone.” With our plate full of an all-star cast of superheroes and a slew of mixed reviews on the film, we focus on the heroes themselves that we have loved for generations. Whether or not the film was “a success” in terms of dollar signs and reviews, we are thankful for any chance we get to experience the adventures of our beloved heroes and picked fixtures that honor their abilities, persona, symbols, armor, weapons, and lessons they have taught and continue to teach us through the generations.



Aquaman: King of the Seven Seas. The sea is wild, untamed, and fierce; beautiful, poetic, and peaceful. Just as the sea is all these things, so is the Surge Linear Pendant by Tech Lighting. Infused with LED technology, the king of lighting today, this fixture represents Aquaman’s dominion.


While many of us can only hold our breath for mere moments underwater, Aquaman can breathe in even in the greatest depths of the sea! The Pastiche Orb by Currey and Company represents his amazing ability to live and thrive underwater while incorporating the whimsical, dreaminess of air bubbles.


Inspired by the beauty, strength, and style of Aquaman, we give you the Dorigrass Mirror by Uttermost. We see this mirror’s graceful curved lines within his armor’s design, in the flow of his gorgeous hair, and in the fluidity of the ocean’s surface. This mirror would add a whimsical and soothing presence to an interior with an appreciation for soft or playful natural elements, symbols, and motifs.


   The force of the waves and beautiful aqua color are embodied in this Vintage Wall Sconce by Varaluz. With its entire construction made of recycled glass and recycled steel, we love knowing that we are not contributing to the added waste and pollution of the ocean. Although Aquaman is not in the fight for justice as an environmentalist, he does share a deep connection and line of communication with sea creatures, and we believe he would join us in supporting lighting companies such as Varaluz who do their best to honor the environment with the use of recycled materials.


The intricate details of Aquaman’s armor is beautifully represented in these Lazer Cut Organic Pendants  by Kuzco Lighting. Whether by day or by night, you will find yourself saying “My Man!” as they show off their beautiful, artistic form by day and cast magical, dancing shadows at night.




The  Karam Pendant by Tech Lighting inspires us to recall the amazing way a bat folds and tucks itself in as it rests upside down. Although Batman does not rest in his quest to fight crime and save the day, he does wrap himself in an impressive cape as he turns the lives of his enemies upside down. His impressive, fearsome, and strong appearance and use of the cape earned him the chilling nickname, Caped Crusader. This pendant is sure to add an impressive sense of awe and strength to any room that needs a burst of contrast.


It’s not who I am underneath; it’s what I do that defines me.” Batman’s boldness in this quote is represented in Chelsea by Sonneman. This quote makes him and his intentions transparent as he addresses the importance of actions over identities. As he fights the darkness of Gotham City, his actions bring light to the world.


There is only one word to say: Stud. Batman is a total stud! He is a hero that many of us can relate to as he is not a god, machine, particularly gifted, or mutated by an external stimuli. He is a man who rose up from the rubble of a broken childhood and made himself a wealthy powerhouse and uses his status for the good of mankind. Stud by Dimond reminds us of his incredible armor and valor as a hero of our hearts.


 The World’s Greatest Detective. Batman finds himself in all kinds of difficult situations in battles and investigations of his most rivaled foes. Akimbo by Tech Lighting reminds us of the highs and lows of his journeys and the victories that bring hope, light, and love to many lives, including our own.


Someone send out the bat signal! Big, bold, and dramatic, Hobson by Feiss has us ready  to summon Batman. It is not because we are in distress, but rather, to invite him over! This pendant is an incredible fit for any industrial or nautical interior and is worthy of our heroes we love and live with everyday.



ET2 takes their creativity out of this world with the creation of their Astro pendant. Striking stainless steel and a rich black finish orbit each other with a power and strength that emulates the super-human strength of Cyborg.


We are reminded of one of the most iconic features of Cyborg, his incredible red, glowing eye, as we appreciate 5 Pendant Light by PLC.


The ability to hack any computer and armed with incredible technology and strength, Molecular by Elk celebrates the half-human, half-machine body of Cyborg.


Cyborg is adorned in rich metals and vivid red which is beautifully represented in Sardinia by Uttermost. His bold pop of Caliente when paired with the character of mercury glass, makes for a dazzling focal point and piece of art with an illuminated purpose.


Capsule by Varaluz presents itself as a spectacular explosion of craftsmanship and light. It has us reflecting back and joining Cyborg in Teen Titans saying “All rightI’m only gonna say this onceBooyah!” (Except, we have a hard time only saying it once!)



The moment we saw Empire Statement by Dimond, we practically shouted “It’s the Flash!!!” Do you also see his famous lightning bolt logo?!


When Flash reaches his incredible super-human speeds, the world around him and the path behind him fade into blurs of colors and long lines of shadow and light. The Fastest Man Alive is beautifully represented in Davos by Modern Forms and wears the same dazzling red that he does.


Flash’s electric personality, lightning-fast energy, and bright accent color comes alive in Marigold Bowl by Dimond.


Jersey by Artcraft has us reflecting on this famous quote from Flash: “Life is locomotion… if you’re not moving, you’re not living. But there comes a time when you’ve got to stop running away from things… and you’ve got to start running towards something, you’ve got to forge ahead. Keep moving. Even if your path isn’t lit… trust that you’ll find your way.”


The colors of Flash’s suit, including Caliente, are represented in Tiffany 3 Light Pendant by CAL Lighting.



Superman’s city, Metropolis, and the incredible heights he reaches in flight are illustrated in Modernist by Corbett.


Inner Fire by Tech Lighting honors the valiant heart of our beloved Superman and reminds us of his famous words: “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”


Squared by ET2 has us remembering Superman’s famous quote, “You’re much stronger than you think you are, trust me.” Just as we learned in Justice League, we cannot save the world alone and as we learn to trust this immortal advice, we remember we are stronger as we stand together and trust each other.


The rich, predominately-blue, uniform of Superman is honored in Halisham by Dimond.


This extraordinary and unique Modernist Sconce by Corbett has us thinking of Superman’s encouragement: “You will be different, sometimes you’ll feel like an outcast, but you’ll never be alone.” Just as this sconce is unlike other sconces, so each of us are all unique from one another. But, it is in our individual uniqueness that we all shine together.



Beautiful, strong, noble, and tender, Sabina by Uttermost represents the character of Wonder Woman. As she continually grows through her experiences and adventures, the crowning encouragement from Antiope proves itself to be true time and time again: “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.” And as we remember these words, we learn to apply them to ourselves as well.


Diana’s juxtaposition of being both a leader and a follower and a fighter and a lover is represented in Janina by Uttermost. She is all of these things all at once and balances her roles, duties, strengths, and passions with great wisdom and sincerity.


Catania by Uttermost reminds us of the team she formed with the Justice League and also with Steve in her origin story. Through her unions and relationships with heroes and men alike, whether they are fully equipped or bearing limitations, these meaningful relationships worked together to save lives and change the world.


4 Light Mini Chandelier by Savoy House nods to Diana’s royal bloodline as Princess of the Amazons.


The ambiance of Navassa by Uttermost reminds us of Wonder Woman’s confidence in proclaiming: “It is our sacred duty to defend the world.”



We love that we get to talk about Wonder Woman twice in this post! Not only does Diana, Princess of the Amazons, our Wonder Woman, have a brilliant presence and power in Justice League, her own origin film is by far one of the greatest film successes of 2017. According to Forbes, “Wonder Woman is officially the highest-grossing superhero origin film in history, a crown it should wear proudly and loudly.” We are not surprised at the phenomenal success of the film and that “Warner is giving Wonder Woman a heavy Oscar push, including for Best Picture and Best Director.” Congratulations to the cast and crew of this remarkable film for their wonderful success and telling a story that has touched so many hearts!

General Antiope’s head piece, worn beautifully by Diana, is represented in the Munich by Dimond.


 Ardenne by Savoy House is a gorgeous and intricately detailed illustration of the powerful Amazonian bracelets Wonder Woman wields.


Wonder Woman’s character is honored in Laurel Estate by Minka Lavery. Although she is royal, she does not view herself as mightier than anyone else. She is humble, makes herself rich in servitude, and both lives and loves fiercely in her devotion to changing and saving the world for the good of mankind.


Camarena by Uttermost joins Diana in saying “I compel you to tell me the truth!” Could there be a better fixture to represent the Lasso of Truth?!  Tell us the truth!


Wonder Woman’s famous line: “Only Love Can Truly Save the World” is embodied in Heartyu by Sterling Industries.



Since the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film in 2003, we have been enraptured by the wild adventures of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and all the people, pirates, and monsters that they meet and face along the way. This year’s film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, “topped $600 million worldwide in just two weeks” and audiences worldwide agreed with the writer in this article by Forbes, that “[they] enjoyed that it’s a return to the elements that made the original Pirates trilogy so great.”

Reminiscent of the pearls and giving us nautical vibes, Solana by Kalco is a beautiful celebration of the splendor of the Caribbean and would make an excellent focal point in any interior with coastal, nautical, or eclectic style.


Vel Catena by Metropolitan embodies the adventurous spirit of the pirates and their life at sea. With the appearance of a net, it reminds us of Jack Sparrow’s famous quote, “Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate” and inspires us to cast our nets in this life to catch the treasures that matter most to us.


The power, curses, and freedoms of the pirates and the sea are illustrated in Graffiti by Corbett.


 Aquaterra by Currey & Company inspires us to reflect on Jack Sparrow saying “We should follow the stars, Master Gibbs.” The thick, textured glass of this pendant reminds us of the pirates’ adventures at sea, and in our own lives, as we go through our own misadventures and triumphs, we should set our hearts and sights on greater things than what we can see right before us. That, we too, “have a rendezvous beyond [our] beloved horizon...”


Antique silver mercury glass adds character and charm to any interior.  Cypriot by Currey & Company reminds us of the unique charm and playful character of Jack Sparrow. Though this bottle’s intention is to serve as a vase or decorative accent, a smile curls at our lips as we remember his melodramatic, desperate quote,  “why is the rum always gone?!”