Brace yourself.

Many people know of the incredible LED technology that promises to save you money while giving you longer-lasting and brighter light sources, but there are too many people who have not yet taken opportunities to upgrade. For those who did not take advantage of LED technology this holiday season, take heed.

There was one woman this year, unfortunately, who got the worst wake-up call she was given an unfathomably large electricity bill. May we all learn from her.

She is now our poster-child for the need to upgrade to low-cost LED technology.

Or, rather, the hilarious (and severe!) call to action to always, always double-check our writing!

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In an article by The Washington Post, we learn that the $284 billion dollar bill was simply a typo for what was supposed to a $284 bill! PHEW!!

That bill is still higher than we would like to see “but at least [it was] not a figure that threatened to send her into cardiac arrest.” Thank goodness!

We know first-hand the opportunity and benefit of using the cost-saving and incredibly bright LED technology instead of conventional bulbs (including Christmas lights!) but the even bigger takeaway from this silly mix-up is to always double-check our writing and numbers and laugh freely together at our mistakes! Everyone makes them!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends and that you were spared from an outrageous electricity bill!

Happy Holidays from your friends at The Lighting Gallery!

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